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Purpose of Nerf Tournaments

The Battle Royale is a youth mentorship program that will educate young men on gun safety as
well as essential aspects such as mental health and hygiene. We want to create a safe and free
environment for young men to come speak, learn, and have fun without the weight of society

Gun Safety- It's a complete lack of education in our communities when it comes to gun knowledge. We are supplied with guns in our communities, but we are never educated on safety and its core values. That's a problem and this program is the solution.

Mental Health- 80 percent of males from the ages 14 to 24 experience some form of a mental health disorder whether it be anxiety, depression, PTSD, or another form of a mental health disease. And majority of them do not seek expert help because they don't feel comfortable, or they just don't know how. That's a problem and this program is the solution.

Hygiene- Most young men have a huge problem with a lack of proper hygiene. And the problem is that they are not educated on the topic. With this program we will be working hand and hand with the youth teaching them and showing them the proper ways to look good, smell good, and be good. Bad hygiene is a problem and this program is the solution.

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